The Painted Bird 2014

Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 15th Annual Pageant-Play-Spectacle!

See great photos by Lee Capps Photography here.

"The Painted Bird" 2014

“The Painted Bird” 2014. Photo by Patino


Narrated by a loquacious, storytelling Rat, The Painted Bird is the story of a vibrant, colorful world filled with nature’s creatures and life’s bounty that becomes devoid of color by the presence of The Grey’s. The Grey’s have an insatiable desire to smell, taste and touch. Their unquenchable appetite pulls the vital color from the land leaving behind a world that is hectic, dull and an insidious grey color. But there is a tale of a Painted Bird…


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"The Painted Bird" 2014Written, Created and Directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman in collaboration with the cast and the community.

Original Music by: The award winning Paperhand Band of Jonathan Henderson (Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Bass), Gabriel Pelli (Violin, Guitar), Leah Gibson (Cello), Duncan Webster (Electric Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass), Will Ridenour (Kora, Percussion) and Austin McCall (Drums).

Puppeteers: Alicia Best, Alma Von Rott, Cameron Prevatte, Chris Carter, Claudia Lopez, Dylan Turner, Grace Upshaw, Jan Burger, Holmes Graybeal, Jabu Graybeal, Martha Pentecost, Martique Lorray, Meghan Dombrowski, Red Behnke, Sara Outing, Sarah Howe, Tommy Noonan

Interns: Red Behnke, Kevin deMontbrun, Martique Lorray, Grace Upshaw

"The Painted Bird" 2014

Stage Manager: Devon Currie

Technical Magic: Chris Carter

Sound Engineer: Charles Jones with Synergen

Costume Design: Katie Moorehead

painted bird ram A VERY SPECIAL THANKS

Vimala’s Curry Blossom Café for their generosity and delicious donations. Visit her for a magical food experience at 431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC.

"The Painted Bird" 2014

Photo by Joshua Gira

Sara Outing & Meghan Dombrowski our fantabulous studio wranglers

Emily Berman and Jaime Stein for creating our Kickstarter video.

Sue “Nana” Zimmerman & Sally Dombrowski for holding down the house

Miranda Poe, Kyle Van Amberg, Andrea Batsche, Ellen Cohn, Stewart Shirey for studio help.

Extra thanks to Emma Skurnick, Niko May, Lea Clayton and Althea Grace for their endless love and support.

Watson for help with sound

Crazy love to our über volunteers: Lawruh Lindsey, Gilberto Sibrian, Katie Yow, and Stillman Browning-Howe.

"The Painted Bird" 2014


Kevin Demontbrun, Wil Steen, Imani Edwards, Josephine Krenitsky, Karen Kelley, Emily Berman, Staci Rachman, Bodhi Michael Harmony, Elizabeth Houghton, Aggie Stachura, Patti Morefield, Nick & Henry Morefield, Jovenna Young, David & Ivy Walbert, Jessie Benson, Marcia Gretsinger, Amy & Sol Ramirez, Caroline Sherman, Elizabeth & Molly duBose.

"The Painted Bird" 2014

Photo by Deborah Amaral


Hayden Bryant; Frank Orthel; Shannon Blackwood; Madelyn Greco; Chrissy Norton; Erin Belford; Elise & Natalie Lyons; Bentley & Diana Midkiff; Amanda, Courtney, Izzy, & Finley Wilson; Zoa; Scott Bryant; Maria Rowan & Emily; Eric Lowenstein; Barbara & Dave Shumannfang; Amy, Sol & Zola Ramirez; Nick Tate; Kate O’Brien; Jane McGregor Hamilton; Jason; Ross Emery; Addison "The Painted Bird" 2014& Lynne Pierce; Leah, Runyon, & Anna Tyler; Claire Ranin; Jane Norton; Jonathan, Kieran, Peggy, John, & Carol Lorray; Urtzela von Rott; Nicole Archuleta; Ifaya Walsh; Emily Sutton; Josephine Krenitsky; Randall Stuart Best; Sarah Howe; James Thompson & Stewart Shirey; Megon, Emily, Carlos Suarez; Jeremy, Rebecca, Cynthia Wassong; Andrea Batsche; Ryan Pecaut; Shawn,Abigail, Gage, Cole, & Meg Brown; Ousemane Ridenour; Rebecca Conley; Sally Dombrowski; Sian McLean; Barbara Witherwax; Katie Yow; Jessie Steffen; Kevin Sullivan; Caudia & Rose Mormino; Yuan-Ling Wilson; Sarah & Gina Muzzillo; Mia Phan; Marie-Soleil Garneau; Janine, Cypress, Terra, Nayana, & Shiva; Molly & Eliza Fish DuBose; Logan, Ryan, Jack, Megan, Kurt Kroothoep; Caroline Mueller; Cathie Holcombe; Saundra Keller; Gabrielle Sinclair; Ben Compton; Aaron Williamson;Brooke Hemming; Jesse Benson; Sam Hansen; Scottie Cantrell; Susan Lindsay; Josefina Webster; Heidi Paulsen; Ken Krebs; Imani Edwards; Will Steen; Diane Citrino; Martha Pentecost; Carolyn Maynard; Sarah Crooks-Flaire; Emma Flaire; Zachary Daugherty; Michelle Landstrom; Andy Benditt; Brett Stegall; Nathan & Rebecca Clendenin; Nik Krenitsky; Barry Slaff; Liam & Mari Kearns; Rachel Sarah, Beth, Abe, & Sam Harris; Sara Skinner; Elena & Alejandro de Ana Skinner; Javier de Ana Areflor; Jhadius Person; Abby Kathan; Olga Tsitlik; Rachel Mason Burger

“The Painted Bird” 2014. Photo by John Vogler