In The Heart of the Fire 2018

“All powers have two sides: the power to create and the power to destroy. We must recognize them both, but invest our gifts in the side of creation.” -Robin Wall Kimmerer

Order of scenes:

I. The Senses

II. The Good Fire

III. In the Heart of the Fire

IV. Trolls on the Move

V. The Bringers of Fire (shadow show)

Created and directed by Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman

Puppeteers: Alma Carroñera, Cameron Prevatte, Claudia Lopez, Donovan Zimmerman, Gilberto Sibrian, Gretchen Adracie, Jan Burger, Katie Rebich, Kathryn Wall, LawRuh Lindsey, Lily Smith, Lisa Suzanne, Nyssa Collins, Piper Finn, Sarah Howe, Sol Ramirez, Tommy Noonan

Musicians: Austin McCall, Claudia Lopez, Daniel Chambo, Donovan Zimmerman, Ittai Korman, Paula Peroutka, Peter Lewis, Will Ridenour

Supporting Artists: Ginger Lipscomb, Laura Grimaldi, Nyssa Collins, Tarish Pipkins, Gilberto Sibrian, Tommy Noonan, CJ Pruitt, Jodi Lasseter

Stage Managers: LawRuh Lindsay, Kathryn Wall

Sound: Charles Jones – Synergen; Assistants: Watson & Aaron

Interns: AJ Taysom, Alix Walburn, Crystal Barron, Gretchen Adracie, Katherine Juras, Miranda Elliott Rader, Quinn Stiefbold