Living Sea of Memory 2009

Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 10th annual Pageant-Play-Spectacle!

Indy Best of the Triangle 2009Winner of the Indy award for best production in 2009!

Featuring giant puppets, masks, painted cardboard and shadows, this is a wondrous spectacle not to be missed.  The production highlights the power of story from the mythic to the personal for all human beings in four puppet pieces.

"Living Sea of Memory" 2009

“Living Sea of Memory” 2009

TRANSFORMATIONS: The Babylonian epic creation myth with Tiamat, the mother of all, and Marduk the conqueror.

THE QUEST: A knight’s tale loosely based on Iron John and stories of the Green Man.

MEMORY: Collected personal stories from the cast of our grandpeople told with elder masks and painted flats.

PEOPLE OF CORN: The Mayan creation story, the Popul Vuh, told with paper-cut shadows.

Written, created and directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman in collaboration with the cast and community.

"Living Sea of Memory" 2009 cast

“Living Sea of Memory” 2009 cast