A Drop in the Bucket – The Big Dreams of Tiny Things 2015

Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 16th Annual Pageant-Play-Spectacle!


INDY WEEK names “A Drop in the Bucket” one of the

Nine Great Local Theater Performances of 2015

“Paperhand Puppet Intervention: A Drop in the Bucket (Forest Theatre)—One of the strongest shows in Paperhand’s 16 years of puppet pageants reminded us of what the I Ching calls the taming power of the small. Adults revisited the vivid worlds of imagination they knew as children, tiny towns raised their political voices, and a chorus of owls asked gentle, insistent questions about our future. Jennifer Curtis’ soundscape was a bonus.”

Video from “A Drop in the Bucket” by Dilip Barman.


A Drop in the Bucket flier final for web


Parade of Everyday

Life of a Drop of Water

Tiny Town


Owl Interlude

In Between



“A Drop in the Bucket” Cast, Musicians and Crew. Photo by John Vogler.

Written, Created and Directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman in collaboration with the cast and the community.

Original Music Composed by: Jennifer Curtis

Musicians: Jennifer Curtis, Alan Best, Eric Andrew Kuhn, Peter Lewis, Robbie Link, Laura Grimaldi, LawRuh Lindsey and Donovan Zimmerman

Video from “A Drop in the Bucket” by Dilip Barman.

Puppeteers: Ace Lane, Alicia Best, Alfie Fearrington, Alma de los Santos, Chris Carter, Claudia Lopez, Donovan Zimmerman, Jan Burger, Karen Kelley, Katie Beth Moorehead, Katie Yow, Laura Grimaldi, LawRuh Lindsey, Lisa Turner, Martique Lorray, Sarah Howe, Zella Magoo

Lead Studio Artists: Meghan Dombrowski, Laura Grimaldi, Martique Lorray, Alma de los Santos, Katie Beth Moorehead

Interns: Claire Simpson, Theresa Scott, Anne Carlstein, Alfie Fearrington, Victoria Brancazio

Sound: Charles Jones, Watson Jones of Synergen

Stage Manager: LawRuh Lindsey

"A Drop in the Bucket". Photo by Lee Capps

“A Drop in the Bucket”. Photo by Lee Capps



Congratulations and huge thanks to all the phenomenal folks who made this show possible! It takes a village to make a giant puppet show. To the nearly 200 Kickstarter funders, the nearly 200 people who helped at the studio, and the 30 people in our cast, band, door, and crew…

THANK YOU for a job well done!!!

We had right around 16,000 people pass through our doors over a 6 week run. We’ve been overwhelmed with ecstatic and effusive praise from all ages. We are humbled and just plain stunned at the level of response to this work.

To everyone who touched this show in any way, please accept our heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude. We’ll see you next time!

Love and Puppets,
Donovan Zimmerman

Co-Director of “A Drop in the Bucket” & Co-Founder of Paperhand Puppet Intervention
"A Drop in the Bucket"_owl_fox_by Katie Williams

“A Drop in the Bucket” photo by Katie Williams for the Daily Tarheel


“I love how I smile for the entire length of the show every year. Thank you!”

“Went last night. Beautiful show and evening!”

“The music and the musicians were superb.”

“Incredible show! Bravo!”

“The kids loved it and we did too. This is a bucket list kind of thing to do – every year!”

“This afternoon’s performance was phenomenal!”

“Thank you for infusing my life with some inspiring and captivating art.”

“The show was wonderful… loved the puppets, especially the owls… great work!! I’m telling everyone to go see it a NCMA in a few weeks…”

“I brought my 92 year old mother down from Maryland to see your show last month. She, along with the rest of our gang, loved it. This will become an annual trip as long as we can do it.”

“A national treasure”

“It was AMAZING, as usual. The artistry, the music, the grace of the performers, the sheer spectacle of the production reawakened the magic of childhood for me. I would guess that it has that effect on a few others too, since the Forest Theater was packed with over 1000 people on Friday night!”

“Just great. Wonderful talent and wonderful creativity. The children and I were riveted.”

Forest Theatre crowd


CDs of the music are available for $15 or by direct download. If you would like one, send an email to jennifercurtisviolin@gmail.com

The Paperhand Band features the original compositions from “A Drop in the Bucket” by Jennifer Curtis and the virtuosic performance of Eric Kuhn, Robbie Link, Alan Best, Pete Lewis, Laura Grimaldi, LawRuh Lindsey and Donovan Zimmerman!

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INDY week, 08/12/15, Small things stir big emotions in Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s most accomplished show to date by Byron Woods

Times-News, 06/14/15, Giant puppets, giant undertaking: Paperhand puppet group lets folks help create papier-mache wonders by Steven Mantilla

Daily Tarheel, 08/23/15, In latest show, Paperhand Puppet focuses on the little things by Chloe Lackey


Thank you for your tremendous help – We broke the record!  140+ helpers this year! WOW. We are so grateful for the support of our community!

Neve Agbayani, Steve Agbayani, Aynsleigh Agbayani, Loftin Agbayani, Tristan Agbayani, Bronwyn Agbayani, Reichen Agbayani, Karsh Agbayani, Dee Amick, Tsula Amick-Laxzar, Linda Anderson, Carol Ann, Taye “The Artist” Beasley, Erin Belford, Erin Bell, Judy Bergman, Jane Bethel, Henry Bley-Vroman, Faith Bobe, Judy Bobe, Ron Bodkin, Lucy Bonchick, Ella Bonchick, Jennifer Bremnan, Miranda Bridgeford, Doug Brown, Mel Brown, Abigail Brown, Gage Brown, Cole Brown, Shawn Brown, Tavara Brown, Octavia Brown, Alyssa Burke, Amy Burke, Sherry Carty, Jim Chanas, Franci Cineus, Emily Cineus, Corrina, Kelly, Leo, Maria Darlington, Milo Denuo, Maizie Denuo, Jeannie Denuo, Emilee Dombrowski, Kathryn Eudy, Mikayla Fitzgerald, Marissa Garneau, Mateo Llaneza Gillespie, Francisco Llaneza Gillespie, Fiona Gillespie, Lance Glass, Maribelk Greenleaf, Julie Haas, Bodhi Haines, Brooke Hemming, Melissa Hofman, Lila Huante, Emily Huante, Mario Huante, Izzy Joseph, Lisa Joseph, Tyana Kidwell, Sally Kinka, Josephine Klenitsky, Ken Kreby, Natalie Lyons, Lucy Lyons, Aria Margulies, Sian McLean, Geoni McNeil, Marisa Mee, Michael Mick, Theo Mick, Aidan Mick, Isaac Mick, Kendall Mick, Caroline Miranda, Jane Mormino, Rose Michael Mormino, Henry Mueller, Paige Mueller, Caroline Mueller, Julia Newton, Rowan O’Keefe, Daniel O’Keefe, Emma O’Connell, Minori Osawa, Heidi Paulsen, Carol Payne, Kaleb Pedersen, Brooke Pedersen, Mia Jaje Phan, Josef Popowitch, Maria Popowitch, Wali Rasheed, Aleena Rasheed, Haneef Rasheed, Haneef Rasheed II, Shasa Ray-Rasheed, DeDe Richardson, Emma Richardson, Henry Roberts, Beatrix Roberts, Blake Robinetto, Bailey J Rosenbarker, Maria Rowan, Emily Rowan, Stella Rutledge, Ivy Rutledge, Jack Ryan, Bill Ryan, Grace Schneider, Tricia Schneider, Stewart Shirey, Chris Simpson, Liz Snyder, Evan Snyder, Nate Snyder, John Snyder, Jennifer Sugg, Lisa Suzanne, Rebecca Tighe, Ethan Van Duyn, Pete Vetere, Gabe Vetere, Dean Wagner, Janet Wagner, Kelsey Wise, The Moore Family, Arpadlazar, The Loves, Brian, Lori, Jessica, Frank, Izzy, Lila, Jaime, Sydney, Jovani