Wish List

“The Painted Bird” 2014. Photo by Mark Schultz.


Have an item you no longer need?  
Donate it to Paperhand Puppet Intervention!

No drop-offs! Inquire before bringing any item to the Studio.

Email: Donovan Zimmerman here

THANK YOU tremendously!

We, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, wish for… (in no particular order)

•  Lawyer

•  Sewing Machine

•  Chop Saw

•  Foam Rubber (couch cushions? That’s what we need! They must be clean!)

•  Fabric (We have to view before we can accept)

•  Paint (We have to view to see if it’s something we need)

•  Paint Brushes

•  Lumber: 1 x 2’s and 2 x 4’s