Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation




This summer, join us as we re-engage in the way we know how- with communal storytelling, shadows, masks, and of course….giant puppets! 

Our 21st giant puppet show, “Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation” is rooted in gratitude, wonder, and thanksgiving. We are summoning our collective spirit to invoke care for the Earth, for its creatures, and for its future.

Come with us once again, as we dive into a new story- one that honors the things that are lost, that adorns the Earth, and that offers forth avenues for regenerative repair. 

All flourishing is mutual, all liberation is collective, and all living things are welcome.



Thank You!

Thank you to our sustaining Patreon Patrons, our Kickstarter supporters, our Work/Play Volunteers, our audiences, our beautiful venues: Forest Theatre and the NC Museum of Art, our Front of House team, and last, but not least, our immensely talented, courageous, beautiful inside and out, Puppeteers, Musicians and Crew.


Over 125 Work/Play Volunteers!

We send a humongous heartfelt thank you to each one of our community volunteers who are spending part of their Saturdays with us all summer to create this show. Our shows take an incredible amount of people power and we love you powerful people! We can’t create this summer show without your help and are so grateful for the support of our community.

Phillip Batts, Morgan Henderson, Amandine Sotiaux, Heidi Paulsen, Don Harvan, Hannah Shumaker, Mary Glenn Kramer, Ken Krebs, Bernadette, Catherine Singley, Martha Pentecost, Vincent Batts, Christy Batts, Avelyn Batts, Magnus Batts, Roald Batts, Michael Runge, Noelle Gunn, Kristin Lione, Zeke Overbaugh, Angela Price, Nicole Pearsall, Scott Gerstl, Liz Clark, Aidan McAteer, Lauren Palmer, Julianna McCully, Mckenzie Moore, Sarajane McCully, Max Moore, Jeanine Ambrose, Piper Finn, Josephine Krenitsky, Starr Hogan, David Boatel, Elaine Bryant, Harper Bryant, Neal & Max Keene LV & Grady Swann, Teresa Brand, Natasha Popkin, Caroline Mueller, Tom McQueen, Diego Jose, Vera Jose, Eva Catala Perova, Isabel Storch, Karin Abell, Eddie Fuselier, Philip Goldsby, Jennifer Weideman, Pam Fleischauer, Paul, Sian McLean, Sonia Cryptomeria, Joy Lewis, Candy Fuller, Barb Ford, David Mace, Ivy & Ruby, Debra Turner, Ellie Fuselier, Sophie Fuselier, June Fuselier, Elizabeth Innes, Nina Plocek, Catherine Singly, Kiri Descence, Mike Dubnik, Kaori Isaacson, Nathaniel Isaacson, Katrina and Kenzo Isaacson, Ken & Martha Isaacson, Niza Desai, Ansh Desai, Caoline, Lucy, and Oliver Armijo, Whitney Peckman, MT Sidelli, Alison Steele, Gray Limbaugh, Amy Johnston, The Jesters, Adrienne Lane, Paul B. Whittredge, Ted Teague, Lila Fenn Teague, Sharon Jeffers, Ace Lane, Hean Zhuang, Kevin Weil, Jean-Jacques Dubois, Sophie Dubois, Leo Dubois, Michael O’Neill, Milada Vachidova, John Gribbin, Amy Gribbin, Sig Liland, Blakely Murrell-Liland, Ross Proctor, Tori Ellison, Hilary Weber Smith, Mindy Shelton, Robbie Edmonds, Ezra O’Manksy, Elias Adalis, Lucian Daniels, Jenny Edmonds, Jeannie Ambrose, Ting Lam, Mark White, Nicole Achuleta, Raffaela Andreoli, Stewart, Karen Paden, Daniel Luevano, Mike Allen, Heather Phillips, Rachel Byrne, Sherry Mason, Susan Reda, Lovella Voncannon, Ken Desai, Niyan Desai, Jan Hanser, Meghan Ritacco

The cast and band of 2021’s “Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation.”


Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation Written and directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman in collaboration with the cast and the community.

Stage Managers:  Johanna Ashwell 
Assistant Stage Manager: Jordie Rippon

Puppeteers: Kelley Feeman, Kelly Washatka, Atlas Alma, Sylvester Allen Jr., Nick Bruns, Nyssa Collins, Christopher W. Carter, Jan Burger, Donovan Zimmerman, Holmes Graybeal, Makayla Graybeal, SeRah Ashwell, Gretchen Adracie, Sol Ramirez, A. Marguerite Dubois, Kathryn Wall, Zella Magoo, Anna Cameron, Ivy Walbert, Katie Rebich, Izzy Pezzulo, Sophia Joy

Interns: Tate Lancaster, Sophia Joy, Ivy Walbert, Jordie Marie Rippon, Atlas Alma, Aidan Rhode, Josh Allen

Paperhand Band: Andy Stack, Will Ridenour, Peter Lewis, Daniel Chambo, Omar Lopez, Lizzie Ross

Studio Artists: Gretchen Adracie, Ginger Lipscomb, Nyssa Collins, Anna Wagner, A. Marguerite Dubois

Sound: Charles Jones, Synergen, Matt Barton, Tyler Lee

Lighting: Lisa Suzanne, SeRah Ashwell, Gretchen Adracie, Nyssa Collins