The Beautiful Beast 2016

Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 17th Annual Pageant-Play-Spectacle!

“Humbaba” from Paperhand’s 2016 summer show “The Beautiful Beast”

How do we decide what is beautiful and what is beastly? Where do monsters come from? And who are the true monsters of our modern world?

Paperhand’s THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST invites you to think, feel, and explore these questions by illuminating ancient stories, digging through myths and legends, and contemplating our relationship with the idea of monsters, beasts, the wild, and our own humanity.

“Mommy I need you to check under my bed. Are there any beautiful beast?!” -Henry Holden age 5. From Paperhand’s 2016 summer show “THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST”. Photo by Josh Holden.

THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST is a spectacle of stories, fantastically brought to life using gigantic puppets, elaborate masks, many-legged stilt walkers, multi-person marionettes and shadow puppetry performed by a cast of over 20 puppeteers including Tarish Pipkins, A.K.A. Jeghetto, the puppet maker. These elements are woven together with live, original music from The Paperhand Band that includes renowned violinist/composer Jennifer Curtis.

“Enkidu” from Paperhand’s 2016 summer show “The Beautiful Beast”

Performance pieces

The Book of Beasts

The Song of Humbaba

Look, Listen, Decide

La Loba & Wolf Wisdom

Image from Paperhand's 2016 summer show "The Beautiful Beast". Photo by Lee Capps.

Image from Paperhand’s 2016 summer show “The Beautiful Beast”. Photo by Lee Capps.

Thank you to our Patreon Patrons, our Kickstarter Supporters (New record: 187 backers!), our Work/Play Volunteers (New record: 190 strong! We can’t do it without you!), our audiences (~16,000 attendees! New show record: 1,800 attendees at one show!), our beautiful venues: Forest Theatre, NC Museum of Art, The Carolina Theatre of Greensboro, our theatre and performance volunteers (So wonderful to have you as part of our team!), and last, but not least, our immensely talented, courageous, beautiful inside and out, Puppeteers, Musicians and Crew.

Read INDY WEEK’s article: Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s The Beautiful Beast Makes Merry With Monsters of Myth and Memory by Byron Woods. Photos by Ben McKeown.

Image from Paperhand's 2016 "THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST" Work/Play Day. Photo by Julie Ann Haas

Image from Paperhand’s 2016 “THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST” Work/Play Day. Photo by Julie Ann Haas


We send a humongous thank you to each and every one of our volunteers. Our shows take an incredible amount of people power and we love you powerful people! We love having your creativity and your company. We can’t create this summer show without your help and are so grateful for the support of our community!

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Photo by Julie Ann Haas

Image from Paperhand’s 2016 “THE BEAUTIFUL BEAST” Work/Play Day. Photo by Julie Ann Haas.

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Written and directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman

Music Composed by: Jennifer Curtis

Musicians: Jennifer Curtis, Laura Grimaldi, Caroline Iantosca, Peter Lewis, LawRuh Lindsey, Claudia Lopez, Jimmy Magoo, Andrew Small, Donovan Zimmerman

Puppeteers: Alma de los Santos, Cameron Prevatte, Chris Carter, Claudia Lopez, Cosmo Magoo, Donovan Zimmerman, Emily McHugh, Holmes Graybeal, Jan Burger, Joanna Roberts, Jimmy Magoo, Karen Kelley, Katie Beth Moorehead, Katie Yow, LawRuh Lindsey, Makayla Graybeal, Sarah Howe, Sol Ramirez, Tarin Pipkins, Tarish Pipkins.

Sound: Charles Jones of Synergen

Stage Manager: LawRuh Lindsey

Assistant Stage Manager: Emily McGregor

Interns: Nicole Gabriel, Shelby Sendlinger, Serene Moyers, Emily McHugh, Joanna Roberts

Lead Studio Artists: Meghan Dombrowski, Laura Grimaldi, Katie Beth Moorehead, Tarish Pipkins, Alma de los Santos

Theatre House: Sue Zimmerman, Meghan Dombrowski, Sally Dombrowski, Andy Benditt

Admin, Website and Media: Martique Lorray

A Special Thank You to: Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, The People’s Channel

"The Zangamash" from Paperhand's 2016 summer show "The Beautiful Beast"

“The Zangamash” from Paperhand’s 2016 summer show “The Beautiful Beast”