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6914938985_160e405c73_oWe believe we add an important component to the fabric of life and we hope you do too! Help us continue bringing incredible low cost “No one turned away because of lack of funds” performances by making a donation.

Among our long list of expenses are: studio rent, utilities, paint, lumber, tools, materials for costumes, theatre rental, sound professional, lighting professional, moving trucks to safely haul the puppets, etc.

We rely on our own practice of frugality, creativity and a huge amount of volunteerism, so no amount is too great or too small!

THANK YOU for keeping Paperhand Puppet Intervention alive and thriving!



If you don’t know… WE NEED YOU!

For the past 18 years we have relied on our community to support the work that we do. We have raised many thousands of dollars through Kickstarter and other fundraising platforms. Thanks to all of you for helping us do what we do! These funds keep us going by purchasing materials, paying rent, hiring artists, puppeteers, and musicians, sound, lighting, engineers, administrators, paint and much more. We really couldn’t have made it with out your generosity.

Now, more than ever with the current climate of arts funding, we are asking you to commit as a sustainer of Paperhand through PATREON. It is a great way for us to receive sustainable income. By becoming our Patron you agree to give a dollar amount of your choice each month, starting at $1.

Paperhand has become woven into the fabric of the Triangle as a trusted institution of beauty, magic, and inspiration. We’re asking you to take the 5 minutes it takes to sign up and breath life into this rich tradition of spectacle and wonder.
Be connected in another way that gives us the chance to keep hope alive.

Please visit our PATREON page and give today. We only have until the end of April (3 months) to raise the funds to use for our 2017 summer show. We greatly appreciate you helping Paperhand survive and thrive!


Options to Donate

option #1: Tax Deductible Studio Rental Donation

Help Paperhand continue to reside in our incredible art studio in Saxapahaw!

"The Painted Bird" 2014Make your Studio Rent Donation check payable to: Saxapahaw Community Chest. This our property-owner’s non-profit group. Write Paperhand Puppet Intervention in the memo and mail to:

Saxapahaw Community Chest
1616 Jordan Dr
Saxapahaw, NC 27340

EIN: 56-6055790

Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501(c)(3)


option #2: General Donation, NOT tax deductible

Help Paperhand provide for the necessities to create our art! Paint, lumber, fabric, etc.

"Listen to the Sky" 2002

2 Options to make a General Donation

1) Use Paypal

2) Send a Personal Check to:

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

6530 Whitney Rd.

Graham, NC 27253

Thank YOU.

"Invisible Earth" 2013. Photo by Lee Capps

“Invisible Earth” 2013. Photo by Lee Capps