Now Streaming!

We are delighted to be bringing many of our past shows online for free streaming. If you love Paperhand as much as we do, please consider becoming a sustaining donor or making a one time donation!

Your donations go directly to keeping our studio open and stocked with puppet supplies, and to the livelihoods of 30+ musicians, artists, interns, and puppeteers who work for us each summer! We would be nothing without our community – thank you!

Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation – 2021 watch the full show!
The Beautiful Beast – 2016 watch the full show!
A Drop in the Bucket – 2015 watch the full show!
The Painted Bird – 2014 watch the full show!
The Serpent’s Egg – 2011 watch the full show! watch the shadow show!

I am an Insect – 2008 watch the full show!
Living Sea of Memory – 2009 watch the shadow show!

A Puppet Intervention – Documentary about our 2007 show, A Shoe For Your Foot
By Mark Barroso –watch the documentary!
A Shoe for Your Foot – 2007 Watch the full show!