Invisible Earth 2013

Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s 14th Annual Pageant-Play-Spectacle!

View great photos by Lee Capps Photography here.

"Invisible Earth" 2013. Photo by Lee Capps

From Paperhand’s 2013 summer show Invisible Earth. Photo by Lee Capps.

“Invisible Earth” poster. Design by Jan Burger.

“Invisible Earth” is a paradoxical pageant of hope, impending doom and planetary possibilities. The Monkeys of the Modern World explore the workings of the world and ask: “What is our nature? Are we creators or destroyers? Are we evolving?” The great unfolding mystery of the Invisible Earth is upon us!

Featuring “The Dance of Domestication” and a cast of goats, chickens, pigs and trilobites, this show thrilled young and old alike!



Invisible Earth monkeys by Lee Capps

Paperhand’s “Invisible Earth”. Photo by Lee Capps.

Written, Created and Directed by: Jan Burger and Donovan Zimmerman with text from Charles Darwin, Ranier Maria Rilke, Thomas Berry, & Zella Magoo.

Music by: Critically acclaimed composer Ari Picker of the band “Lost in the Trees” and Ari Picker, Yan Westerlund, Emma Nadeau, Andrew Anagnost and Matt Peterson

invisible earth_cast bow_by Lee Capps

The cast of “Invisible Earth”. Photo by Lee Capps.

Cast: Alicia Best, Alan Best, Erika Bhirchanna, Jan Burger, Chris Carter, Alma de los Santos, Meghan Dombrowski, Holmes Graybeal, Jabu Graybeal, Sarah Howe, Karen Kelley, Lawruh Lindsay, Claudia Lopez, Zella Magoo, Sara Outing, Martha Pentecost, Miranda Poe, Dylan Turner, Kyle VanAmburg, Donovan Zimmerman

Interns: Zoe Matthewson, Miranda Poe, Noah Gray, Kyle VanAmburg, Hannah Brewer-Jensen, Zoe Swindell

Stage Manager: Lawruh Lindsey

House Manager: Sue Zimmerman

Sound Engineers: Ed Griffin and Charles Jones

Father Time_Invisible Earth_Lee CappsA VERY SPECIAL THANKS

Vimala’s Curry Blossom Café for their generosity and delicious donations. Visit her for a magical food experience at 431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC.

South of Cool for the amazing sound system. Reach them at (919) 545-5677

Spoonflower for donating fabric for the monkeys

Monkey Exclaimation_invisible Earth_Lee CappsSara Outing & Meghan Dombrowski our fantabulous studio wranglers

Chris Carter for lifting us off the ground.

Sarah Howe for fabric wrestling

Brooke Hemming our scientific advisor and monkey furrier

Rebecca McCoy for the amazing sew-in

Susan Abernethy the generous accordion fairy

Eliza Dubose for the puppet potion

Lawruh Lindsey for bringing calm and sharp thinking to our wild imaginations. What will we do without you?

Sue Zimmerman for holding down the house

Extra thanks to Emma Skurnick, Lea Clayton and Althea Grace for their endless love and support.

Chicken playing triangles_invisible earth_by lee capps


Emily Berman, Timothy McNair, Kathleen O’Melia, Zoe Mathewson, Zoe Swindell, Hannah Brewer-Jensen, Josephine Krenitsky, Sian Mclean, David & Ivy Walbert, Candace Waken, Danika Moody, Jomani Morales, Eliza & Molly DuBose, Edie & Benjamin Kahn, Stillman & Leavitt Browning-Howe, David & Nia Wohl, Wilhelmina Stein, Imani Edwards, Drina Dunlap, Alisa Cox, Nancy Rich.

Goats accordian_invisible earth_by lee capps


Mariana Florentino; Michael Mezzatesta; Bev & Graylyn Scheiman; Carol & Jeremy Hammerstein; Sol, Amy & Zola Ramirez; Anika & Maria Morrone; Dea Bell; Zak Daugherty; Sue Andresen; Sally Dom-browski; Emily & Maria Rowen; Fisher & Matt Teti; Thuy Nguyen; Jane & Rose Mormino; Sampada, Amit, Siddharth & Anuraag Agarwal; Sandy Baran; Maggie, Katie & Dan Loughlin; Carter Hubbard; Annie Robinson; Jon Larsen; Dylan Morris; Belle, Abraham, Greg & Sara Sousa; Mary Anna Hover; Imani Edwards; Alisa Cox; Mari, Liam & Holli Kearns; George Chen; Rio Aubry Taylor; Anthony Gagnon; Car-oline Christopher; Rose & Ruth Linehan; Joe Morrone; Chris Durost; Lucy Inman; Will Warden; Erin Belford; Elise & Natalie Lyons; David & Ivy Walbert; Jeanette Fairchild, Lib Parkin; Joan Hardman-Cobb; Nick Fedora; The Moore Family; Ken Krebs; Heidi Paulsen; Simona Panzacchi; Austin Caskie; Nathalie Robitaille, Suz Robinson; Casey Hayes; Shelly, Michael & Jamie Lyons; The Kroothoep Family ; Darren Gray; Susan Waters; Nancy & Barbara Walker; Beth O’Bryant; Julie & Don Fortenberry; Linda Wire; Martha Grove Hipskind; Scottee Cartrell; Jill Shade; Izzy Joseph & Mom; Rowan & Jenn Havaty; Susan Lindsay.

Cat violisit_ invisible earth_by lee capps